4 Cabin Fever Busters

20140204-225352.jpgIt’s that time of year when we all begin to feel a little claustrophobic in our own homes. At least for us up here in the midwest arctic. Whew, it’s been a brutal winter!

In my opinion, the best way to beat cabin fever is to get the heck out of the house. Sure, you can play indoor games or create a mock-beach scene in the bathtub, but stepping away from everyday routine is a great mood lifter.

Here are four cabin fever buster ideas. I’d love to keep adding to this list – share your ideas in the comments below!

Go swimming

Dig out your swimsuits that are hibernating in the back of the dresser drawers and hit up an indoor pool! Many hotels will allow you to use their pools for a small fee or you can visit your local community center or YMCA. Cannonball!!

Get a dose of indoor greenery

While snow covered trees certainly are beautiful, green  is a nice change of pace in the winter months. If you can’t find a building with some indoor plants and trees, visit a greenhouse and buy a few new houseplants or some dirt and seeds to plant with the kids.

Visit the mall

Malls aren’t just for shopping. In fact, if you’re bringing the kiddos to the mall with the intent to shop ’til you drop, you might just trade cabin fever for a headache. I find that bringing kids to the mall {preferably not during peak mall traffic hours} to walk the halls, play in the germ gym {aka, the kid’s play area… you know it’s full of germs}, and grab some lunch or an ice cream treat is a great escape from the confines of the house.

Go to an indoor park

Whether it be your local McD’s play place or an indoor jungle gym, letting kids burn off excess energy benefits the entire family {three cheers for extra long naps!}. If you happen to live in the Minneapolis area, you gotta check out our fav, Edinborough Park.

How does your family break cabin fever? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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