Life at 25-Weeks Pregnant {Along with a Toddler Update}

Since I haven’t written anything about my pregnancy since our pregnancy announcement, I thought I’d give a quick update!

25-Weeks & Feeling Great!

I’m now 25-weeks along already! I was shocked when my doctor told me that I’d be just shy of my 3rd trimester at my next appointment. Time needs to slow down; I have far too much to do before this little guy’s arrival!


I feel very fortunate to, once again, be having a completely easy pregnancy. I did have some fatigue during my first trimester, but all-in-all I really can’t complain! In fact, I have to remind myself that I’m pregnant each morning when I wake up… yeah, I’m weird. I know that this will change as I get bigger and sleep becomes a little more challenging. But for now, I’m relishing in the comfort and joy I feel most days.

So to say that I’m feeling very thankful is an understatement, especially considering the fact that many women have difficult pregnancies or struggle getting pregnant. I know that pregnancy is a gift and I really do not in any way take it for granted.

The baby is growing as he should, has a strong heartbeat, and is kicking up a storm! I remember thinking that Nolan was active, but I don’t remember him being this active. I have to admit, it makes me a little nervous for what is to come and how active he’ll be once he’s here!

And of course, as the baby grows so does my bump! It no longer gets the “is she pregnant or did she just gain a few pounds during winter hibernation” looks. It’s definitely a baby bump. I don’t have a huge maternity wardrobe by any means and that is perfectly fine by me. I have my Gap maternity jeans that I wear pretty much every day {I swear by these and even bought a new pair for this pregnancy} and a good number of maternity t-shirts – and that’s pretty much my everyday look. I prefer to wear fitted clothing during pregnancy – gotta show off the bump!

As far as names go, we’re at a complete loss. There are a lot of names we like, but none that we love yet. It’s my hope that we’ll name him before he is born again, like we did for Nolan. We welcome any and all suggestions! Devin is pretty adamant that the name end with an “n” since both of our boys names end with an “n.”

Toddler Love… And Lack Thereof

In other family news, my 20-month old toddler has decided that I am not cool. Dad is cool. Mom is not.

This a fun stage {enter sarcasm}.

While I find Nolan’s attachment to his daddy enduring, it’d be nice to get some love too – after all, I’m the one who carried him for 9 months, was in labor for 28 hours, and spend a good deal of time with on a daily basis. My husband Steve works kind of a crazy schedule, so we think that this attachment might have to do with that. Because it certainly isn’t because I’m not cool… right?


Most days I’m able to shrug it off, but it actually brought me to tears today. I literally googled the phrase “my toddler hates me” this morning to see what the world wide web has to say about the matter. I did get some comfort in reading that an attachment to one parent phase is actually a completely normal thing and that many parents {especially us mommas} have a hard time with it. As mommies and daddies, we get paid in hugs and kisses – and so it’s tough to not be getting much of a “paycheck” these days. I’ll probably blog more about this in the future – hopefully after the phase has passed {it will pass, right?} so that I can possibly offer advice to other parents dealing with the same thing and how we overcame it.

In the meantime, I just hope that my son in utero likes me {sigh}.

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