My Top 10 Most Repurchased Items at Trader Joe’s

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I love grocery shopping... but I {really} dislike most grocery stores. Rather than tell you my dislikes, let me tell you about a grocery store I do like: Trader Joe's! Fewer aisles. I know exactly how many aisles there are in my local Trader Joe's - four. I love that it's not a mega-store with bazillions of aisles of food {that, let's be honest, is mostly fake... aka, processed}. Tasty food. After talking with people who have never been to Trader Joe's, I think there's a misconception by many … [Continue reading...]

A Healthy Pregnancy with Shaklee


As a Shaklee distributor and pregnant mom, I've been asked by a number of women what prenatal vitamin I take. I strongly believe in supplementing, especially during pregnancy -  you are growing another person inside you and you need the extra nutrients! I have taken Shaklee supplements throughout my second pregnancy and credit my Shaklee prenatal vitamins and nutrition products for my healthy pregnancy {along with a mostly :) healthy lifestyle... I mean c'mon, a pregnant girl's gotta have ice … [Continue reading...]

Learning to Let Go… a Little at a Time


I happened to be driving by my son’s daycare this morning and decided to pop in to check on him. He hadn’t been feeling well the past few days and I wanted to ask his teacher how he was doing. I was glad to hear his teacher report that he was having a great day. […]

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Photo Bomb: Chicago Shaklee Weekend Recap


I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my Chicago trip! This past weekend, my friend Krysta and I took a road trip to Chicago to meet up with Project Dream {our awesome Shaklee team} for the Regional Conference. This was the second Shaklee conference that I’ve been to and it was, once again, a blast! We […]

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Life at 25-Weeks Pregnant {Along with a Toddler Update}


Since I haven’t written anything about my pregnancy since our pregnancy announcement, I thought I’d give a quick update! 25-Weeks & Feeling Great! I’m now 25-weeks along already! I was shocked when my doctor told me that I’d be just shy of my 3rd trimester at my next appointment. Time needs to slow down; I […]

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The EASIEST Way to Go Green on Earth Day!


Today is Earth Day, but really every day should be Earth Day! All too often we take our earth for granted and think that the little negligent things that we do every day {not recycling regularly, using toxic household chemicals, tossing instead of reusing, etc.} have a small impact on the earth, and that it […]

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We Have a Surprise!


This summer is going to be an exciting one! Devin will turn ten at the end of July. Eight days later, Nolan will turn two. And then eight days after that, their baby brother is scheduled to arrive! Yes, we are pregnant and expecting a baby BOY in mid-August! We had an ultrasound this morning, and […]

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Tastes Like Summer: Black Bean & Avocado Salad


Temperatures are arisin’ here in the midwest which has me excited for the tastes of summer. In fact, we plan to grill out this week for the first time this year – I can’t wait! I had a couple avocados on hand that were at the perfect stage so I knew they needed to be […]

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My Journey Toward Becoming a Work at Home Mom {Part 4}: Managing Fear


One day I’m super motivated, making progress, confident, and ready to conquer the world. The next day I completely doubt myself. Sound familiar? The name of this blog is Happy Simple Mine. It’s a place where I share simple ways to create a happy life. No life is filled with complete happiness, however. And I […]

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My Favorite Protein Smoothie Recipes & Tips


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Up until last year I ignored this advice and skipped breakfast altogether. I would maybe have a mid-morning snack, but would often not eat until lunch. Say what?? I look back at this now that wonder how I ever made it all those […]

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